Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lip Balm Love!

Hi y'all! I mentioned quickly in my last post about a lip balm that I used in a natural makeup look. If you watch lots of beauty videos on YouTube, you might have already heard about it. But if not, I will tell you about it! It is from a company called EOS which stands for Evolution of Smooth. Cool huh?! Well my first encounter with EOS was actually not this popular lip balm...intrigued? Keep reading!

My father is the king of good deals! He is great at finding great deals online and in stores. One of his favorite things to do is the monthly Walgreens rebates. I can not tell you the last time I purchased a toothbrush do to the fact Walgreens seems to have free rebates on them EVERY month! Need a toothbrush? Come to my house! Haha! Anyway, whenever it is a body wash, hair product, makeup, etc...he usually grabs me something. He actually knows pretty well what colors to get me but sometimes will call or text asking what color to get. I can just imaging my Dad in Walgreen "Do you want the lip plumping lipgloss or matte lipcolor?" Hahaha!

So when I go home to visit, I find my little pile of products in my room for me and one is a very odd shaped bottle that says EOS on it. I have never seen this product, nor heard of the brand, which for me is surprising! So I asked if it was mine and he said yes. It was a shaving cream. It claimed to be for use wet or dry, have a stylish design that won't rust in the shower, have tons of moisturizing ingredients, and give your skin radiance and glow! Sounds great right?! But of course, I'm a little skeptical. After using another shaving cream [not gel] it seemed to clog my razor up a bit, dulling it faster than normal. But I gave it a shot. It was free!

Now it is different than a regular shaving gel. Reading some reviews on it, it seems people are using more than they should. This is to be applied in a THIN layer. Almost like an invisible layer. And I guess for some it's frustrating to not see where you're shaving/where you have shaved. But I have been using a cream before so it wasn't the first time. The pump is fantastic in the shower. And the smell is great! If you've ever thought about trying this out, I say it's worth a shot, but make sure to only use a small layer. It's not to be like a shaving gel that covers your legs completely in a white foam!

So when I saw Emily from Beauty Broadcast talking about EOS lipbalms, I knew I had to check them out soon! So I headed to my local Walgreens where I found a cute pack of 3 in a fun summer bag and snatched them right up!

The sphere shape design obviously gained popularity. But I do like it. It's easy to apply [no twisting up and down] and quick to throw in my bag and fish out since it's nice and round with a flat bottom. The Lemon Drop scent is fantastic! Lemon Drop is the only one as of now that does contain a SPF so it is my summer lip balm for sure! But I love all the smells! I wanted to give one to my Mom but I might have to buy her her own since I don't know which "flavor" I could give up! Also, the lip balm is available in stick form as well.

So these are a quick review of my recent tries with EOS products. I hope to see more products by them soon! Give a visit to their website to learn more about the brand. Have you used EOS? Let me know what you think!

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