Saturday, August 28, 2010

So long sweet summer...

So the summer is OVER. *waves goodbye* For me, my last [YES!] semester of college started on Wednesday. I've been busy with work and I'm heading into one of the BUSIEST weeks starting tomorrow. Seven straight days of work...along with school. It will be insane. I knew this week would happen months ago. Long story short, the store manager will be out of town all week, so it's up to the assistant manager and me to hold down the fort. Both of us are in school, so we're both missing a few days of school due to opening. It teachers know...not much we can do!

But in good news, Saturday afternoon I'm heading home to see my family INCLUDING my brother! He's flying in from L.A. and I'm super excited to see him! I got present for my parents [I got my Mom a GameBoy SP, some games, and a carry case and some jam and salsa for my Dad...hope he isn't reading this!!] It will be a good weekend.

Today at Target, Mike and I saw a Wii Remote with Motion Plus [in PINK!] for $29.99 which is a STEAL! Those are like $55 controllers! Mikey got it for me as a present :] He's now playing Mafia II that we rented [for Xbox360], so far he likes it. I've been playing mainly LEGO: Harry Potter Years 1-4 [for Wii] and Dragon Age IX [for DS]...I need to play some more of my Bowser's Inside Story for my DS I started a while ago. Just been so busy I haven't got a chance!

Well here is a video...and good news...I won the contest for the Pikachu Inspired Makeup Tutorial! Exciting huh?!

Well...sorry I haven't been blogging lately. I can't blog except from Mike's computer, a school computer, or my phone. Oh darn. Here's another video I did recently talking about some products I purchased from Isle of Eden.

I just bought 3 more scents from them! I can't wait to get them and review them as well. Well...hopefully I will blog soon! See y'all around!! Happy fall!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

New Video Tutorial

So after weeks it seems of not uploading a real video, I have finally uploaded one! It is an entry into a contest hosted by TheRaulness on YouTube and I entered! This is a look based on Pikachu! Yes the popular yellow Pokemon!

So here is the video! Please check it out! I really liked doing this and might want to do more Pokemon inspired tutorials if enough people like it :D


So hope you enjoyed! I already have another video filmed, a review on the Physician's Formula Mineral Wear Correcting Concealer, which just needs to be edited! Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, August 2, 2010

N.Y.C. Makeup & L'Oreal Face Wash

So after a long day of work, I ran by WalMart for some groceries and while I was there, I picked up a few beauty products! And I'm so happy with my choices!

L'Oreal Skin Expertise Go 360 Clean Deep Exfoliating Scrub
I saw a few blog posts on this new face wash [for quite awhile I actually thought it was a body wash! Silly me!] and wanted to try it out. I've been sticking with Neutrogena face washes for years now, so trying something new it scary. The $6 price tag wasn't horrible, especially compared to some Neutrogena products I'm buying. When I got home, I went to wash my face and this is so fun! It makes me excited about washing my face at night, which I'm SO bad about doing. The scrubber pops out, leaving a small hole in the middle of the bottle. It's soft and flexible and really not irritating to the skin! I bought the exfoliating scrub, but they have variations, including a cream cleanser and a sensitive skin cleanser. I really enjoyed this product and love it!

N.Y.C. Blushable Creme Stick in 645U Big Apple Blush
So I have heard Emily [Beauty Broadcast] mention this blush before and seen people picking it up and loving it all over her Facebook page so I grabbed one. It was less than $4 and I was a little weary. I do have a convertible color by Stila in a palette that I'm iffy on. But I really like this blush! It goes on SO amazingly easy! This is the perfect travel blush, purse blush, or even everyday blush! This is DEFINITELY going to be used by me MANY more times. I wish there was a bit more color selection. I might go back and get the berry color one day, but I like this one :]

N.Y.C. Ultra Last Lipwear in 405B Blue Rose
So after purchasing the Milani Glitzy Glamour Gloss in Fashion Diva and loved the bright pink color, I wanted a similar lipstick just for a more long-lasting wear. And I feel that this Blue Rose N.Y.C. lipstick is pretty similar, and for just under $2, you can't really beat that! Definitely a favorite new lipcolor. I NEVER would have worn something like this years ago, but I think it's such a fun color with a neutral lid and fun colorful outfit. Such a fun buy! I bought my Milani lipgloss at CVS the other day for about $7.

N.Y.C. Ultra Moist Lipwear in 319B Violet Shine
What a great lipstick for under $1! I am SO buying more N.Y.C. lipsticks. While this would not be an everyday lipstick [I'd go with Maybelline or Rimmel for that since they are quite moisturizing] it is great for trying out a new color without putting lots of money down. The image I posted does not really truly reflect the Violet Shine color. I would describe it as more of a pink seems really dark in that image. More of a pinky nude in person.

So I really like my new items. I'm trying to not go overboard on purchasing makeup, since I do have quite a bit. But new things and great deals seem to cause me to stray from this rule!

And I just had one of the yummiest late-night snacks. Sugar snow peas [so crunchy] and a delicious pineapple, mango, and peach smoothie [homemade with V8 VFusion in Peach Mango] Delicious! Such a good treat!

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