Friday, July 23, 2010

Hi there!

Hi there everybody! I'm starting up a blog. The past couple of days I've thought long and hard about YouTube and blogs and what direction I personally want to go in. I've always enjoyed watching videos for tutorials, hauls, fashion, etc. But I also enjoy blogs. For me, writing a blog takes much less time for me than recording a video, editing, and uploading. While I have REALLY enjoyed the videos I have made recently, I do not find it to be something I can continue doing with my last semester of college approaching as well as maintaining a job [not to mention keeping up with friends and family!]

So I have come to the conclusion that a blog is the way to go. As far as tutorials run, there are so many better people on YouTube. What I will do is post videos of my favorite YouTubers when I run across them! What I really am excited to do is share my thoughts, ideas, tips, fashion, makeup, reviews, likes, dislikes, and more with you in blog form! I enjoy finding good deals [I'm a coupon LOVER] and instead of taking the time to record a video, I can just post here!

Now I will probably continue to make videos when time permits, but my blog will be my main focus! So this is my LONG intro blog, but you haven't even learned anything about me! So for those who don't know me, here's the 4-1-1.

My name is Whitney [or Whitney Lynn, either will do] and I'm 22. I'm a senior in college in the hot and humid state of Texas. My family is very important to me, including my Mom, Dad, and big brother, Jeremy! We're a very close family and we really enjoy traveling and movies. I have some wonderful friends and for privacy reasons, will withold names and pictures for them from this blog :] I do have a boyfriend, he is WONDERFUL! His name is Mike [or Mikey] and he lives down the street from me. He likes cars, a LOT. I do have some pets too! There is Tigger, the cat who lives with my parents who I had since I was in elementary school. She is a gray tabby but is getting old. My next pet is my adorable hedgehog named Sonic! She is quite spoiled for such a little rodent. And my boyfriend and I found a little black kitty that I named Mr.Jingles. He lives with Mikey and he is such a terd, but we love him so much! He is pretty much the coolest cat ever. As for the boring stuff, I will be graduating with my BBA in Marketing in December 2010. And I do have a job at a video game store :D I do enjoy video games, reading, baking, crafts, and painting. Hope that helps y'all get to know me! Thanks for visiting and stay tuned for more updates!

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